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Shirley Ann Howard

A Woman’s Tale in a Man’s World

All new characters !

Kristina Lansing is a Harvard-educated MBA employed as an executive for the Boston Bobcats, a professional baseball team. As the lone woman in management working at Arborway Park, she struggles to prove herself daily, even though—or maybe because—her family owns the team. To complicate matters, she becomes involved with their “ace” pitcher due to become a free agent at the end of the season. Shareholders, the media, other players, and rumors of trades produce an atmosphere where business, sports, romance, and family collide in a quagmire of corporate in-fighting. Can Kristina find the skills to succeed? Or will she succumb to the many emotions she feels as a woman?


“Characters jump off the pages in A WOMAN’S TALE IN A MAN’S WORLD. A fascinating story with a unique plot, Shirley Ann Howard outdoes herself with this must-read book about a woman competing in a male dominated business.”

~Christina James, Award-winning author of contemporary, erotic, and romantic suspense novels.



A WOMAN’S TALE IN A MAN’S WORLD is the fifth in Shirley Ann Howard’s “TALES” series. Devoted to the genre of Women’s Fiction, Ms. Howard firmly believes in the beauty of a multi-dimensional woman. So far she has survived a career, marriage, motherhood, and life as a Boston sports’ fan.


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Tales Out Of The Psych Office, A Young Adult Novel

Third Place Readers Choice Award

Finalist – Award of Excellence – Colorado Romance Writers

For the first time Shirley Ann Howard takes her signature social issues TALES series to the young adult world. Peppered with humor in the midst of despair, she captures readers with unforgettable characters and poetic language. Edgy and engaging, TALES OUT OF THE PSYCH OFFICE will speak to adults as well as kids.

Makes a great gift for a teenager.

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Tales From Home, Sequel to Tales Out Of School

Second Place – Heart of Excellence Award

Third Place – The Lories – Best Published Award

 “In Tales from Home, Shirley Ann Howard paints an uplifting picture of a genuine family, blended with love, seasoned with memory, and stirred with perseverance. The storms of life may rock them like a boat on their beloved Massachusetts coast, but even the darkest clouds and deepest suspicions leave room for hope. A satisfying novel, like a twelve course meal with every plate well-planned.”

~Sheila Deeth, Author of GENESIS PEOPLE  http://www.sheiladeeth.com


“In her third novel, Tales From Home,  Shirley Ann Howard captures readers yet again with a realistic portrayal of characters and a lyrical use of language uniquely her own.”
~Jane Sarah Staffier, M.L.S.,  M.F.A.   Author and Illustrator, www.BostonArtBoutique.com


Makes a great gift for a mother.

The tales and saga of Sandy and Lenny continue through twenty years of domesticity. Flashbacks take us on a journey of life challenges: parenthood, power, and of course, true love.

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Tales Out Of College, Prequel to Tales Out Of School

“A charming prequel to TALES OUT OF SCHOOL that returns to Sandra Scott's college days… a time of change and challenge and the start of a captivating romance with her handsome biochemist. Ms. Howard weaves an enjoyable tale with a fresh, new prospective.”

~Dolores Stewart Riccio, author of CIRCLE OF FIVE and CHARMED CIRCLE

“Shirley Ann Howard brings a refreshing, sophisticated voice to the realm of Women’s Fiction. TALES OUT OF COLLEGE is full of twists and curves… another winner from this very talented writer.”  ~Minnette Meador, Author of STARSIGHT I & II, THE CENTURION AND THE QUEEN, and THE EDGE OF HONOR

Makes a great gift for a college student or a student teacher.

An idealistic reporter covers urban crime in Boston, discovers a sexy graduate student, and finds her true calling. A host of competitive high school students and a compassionate psych major help her find her way.

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Tales Out Of School, A Novel

"TALES OUT OF SCHOOL is an eye-opening and exciting journey for everyone who has ever worked with students. This novel both inspires and entertains; it will invoke intersections between our hearts and our minds—the places we have been and the places we long to go. I highly recommend it to every reader who appreciates powerful stories and educational adventures. Truly, a gem of a book."

~Luke W. Reynolds, Author of A NEW MAN and INSIDE OUT AND OUTSIDE IN


“Howard’s gentle touch eases the reader into a heartwarming story.”   ~Shirley Jump, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author


Makes a great gift for a teacher.

A sensitive young English teacher, an array of urban high school students, and a sexy scientist search for self, love, and life in Greater Boston. Add skiing, the high seas, Montana, and Europe as backdrops where they work, play, and find adventure for the total experience that is Tales Out Of School.

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Tales Out Of School, Tales Out Of College, Tales From Home, Tales Out Of The Psych Office, and A Woman’s Tale in a Man’s Tale are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously; and any resemblance to actual persons, businesses, organizations, institutions, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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