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A Woman’s Tale in a Man’s World


© 2012 Shirley Ann Howard



Kristina Lansing, a slender young woman wearing a snappy silk blouse and shiny black slacks, pushed the button and waited for the elevator on the twelfth floor of her condo building. She took a step toward a small marble statuette and gazed out the window at a few boats already docked early in the season at a private pier on Boston Harbor. Treetops lined walking and jogging paths below.

The elevator door dinged. She turned and greeted a man she knew.

“Good game last night,” she said as she walked in and stood next to Bryan Mackey.

At six-four he towered over her. “Thanks.”

He had close-cropped dark hair with a hint of curls, and blue eyes that mirrored the sea and sky she had just admired.

She tucked a lock of her shoulder-length blond hair behind her ear. “The umpire squeezed you a few times… glad those bad calls didn’t rattle you.”

“They were borderline,” he said, “could have gone either way.”

The bell rang again at the mezzanine. He put his hand against the door to hold it and said he was going for breakfast in the condo café. “Care to join me?”

She glanced at him and hesitated for half a second. “I’ll get a coffee to go. It’s already after eleven, and I have a dozen calls to make to confirm arrangements for next week’s road trip.”

Bryan opened the glass door to the café and she walked in with an easy glide. They’d played this scene before. “What would your father do without you?”

She stopped at the self-serve coffee bar. “He’d hire someone else in one day. Anyway those pitches in the seventh looked good to us and he was impressed you were still throwing 92.”

Bryan stood by the hostess podium as Kristina put a cap on a medium decaf. “Always good to impress the owner,” he said.

Kristina raised her cup to the hostess indicating it could go on her tab. “Enjoy your breakfast,” she said to Bryan and continued on her way to the underground garage. She beeped open her BMW coupe, slipped the coffee in the console holder, and maneuvered her way toward the exit and Arborway Park, home of the Boston Bobcats.


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