Discussion Questions for A WOMANíS TALE IN A MANíS WORLD


Shirley Ann Howard





1. Describe the Lansing family with specific details.



2. What are the reasons Kristinaís eyes well up at the management buffet in Baltimore?



3. What are the reasons Elizabeth Lansing is so interested in the Congressmanís daughterís wedding?



4. Why does Kristina decide to join Bryan for fresh crabs at the Renaissance lounge?



5. Why does she invite him to her hotel suite the next night?



6. Describe the scene when Kristina tries to contact her mother the night John Lansing took ill.



7. What misgivings does Kristina have about seeing Bryan? Why does she continue to do it?



8. Why does Kristina decide to take over operation of the Bobcats? Why is Elizabeth opposed?



9. What difficulties does Kristina face as CEO of the Bobcats?


10. Which characters are helpful to Kristina as she sorts out her new responsibilities? Tell how.



11. What signs are there that Kristina and Bryan are growing closer emotionally?



12. Despite her difficulties as CEO, Kristina soldiers on. What makes her give up and escape to Chatham?



13. What factors cause her to return to Boston?



14. Why do Kristina and Elizabeth finally reconcile? Is it believable?



15. Do Kristina and Bryan have a chance for Happily Ever After?



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